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Learn how you can grow your business in 2024 with our free checklist

When was the last time you took a step back from your business to look at how things are going? As an entrepreneur or business owner, it’s all too easy to spend so much time working IN your business that you forget to also spend time working ON the business.

Taking stock of how your company’s marketing strategies are performing is essential. Now is the perfect time to analyze what has been working, what didn’t work, and to devise the new strategies you’ll implement moving forward. It’s worth it — you’ll give your business all it needs to thrive and grow in 2020.

Our marketing audit checklist can help. We’ve divided it into three sections: Branding and Design, Website, and Marketing. Feel free to print it out and use it for reference to help you keep your marketing efforts on track.

By entering your details below, you will get instant access to a complete report of how well your online presence is.
You will get to see the following:
  • SEO Results
    • Keyword Consistency
    • Amount Of Content
    • Image Alt. Attributes
    • Links, Backlinks, On-Page Links, Friendly Links, Broken Links
    • Robots.txt presence
    • XML Sitemaps
    • Analytics Presence
  • Usability
    • Device Rendering
    • Use Of Mobile Viewports
    • Flash Used?
    • iFrames Used?
    • Font Presence
  • Performance Results
    • Page Speed Info
    • Page Size Info
    • Number Of Resources
    • Javascript Errors
    • GZIP Compression
    • Optimized Image Presence
    • Minification Presence
  • Social Media Results
  • Security Results
    • SSL Security 
    • HTTPS Redirect
    • Malware Check
    • Email Privacy
  • Technology Results
    • Technology List
    • Server IP Address
    • DNS Servers
    • Web server
    • Charset
  • RECOMMENDATIONS - This is the last phase of the report which outlines what is recommended for you to fix in order to improve your online presence.

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