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About Us

We specialize in digital marketing as we take into consideration the rapidly changing society we're in. With connectivity and user-friendly applications, we have entered into a time where everything is accessible from the palms of our hands. 

Sound Marketing started from a vision that spawned in 2014. That vision was to create a branding and social media recognition strategy. That allowed business and professionals to be able to reach out and be able to engage in such a manner with consumers, other businesses and potential leads which generated a profit. A profit can be measured in numerous ways when discussed in social media. For starters, the ultimate goal of marketing is to produce or boost sales. Another is brand awareness which takes into consideration how well you're performing with the consumers and where you stand in the market against your competitors. 

After years of experience, Sound Marketing was launched by the Founder Mohammed Farooqui. Mohammed has impacted and helped many small businesses and professionals in the Real Estate industry. He brings integrity, hard work, and dedication to the organization which builds the foundation at Sound Marketing.