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Facebook Lead Generation

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Top 10 Benefits of a Facebook Business Page

1. Increased Exposure to Potential Customers


2. Gather More Leads

Just having people Like your page isn't enough to provide yourself with a long-term, sustainable business. Sure you can make a good living short-term off just using your Facebook page.

But what if Facebook does actually disappear one day?

If you haven't made a connection with your followers outside of Facebook, then you'll be in trouble.

That's why smart businesses gather leads in the form of email addresses -- so they can contact their community outside of Facebook.


Most do this through contests, giveaways and newsletters -- and it's a proven system.

But you also need to be careful how you use your leads.

For example, don't hammer fans with daily emails peddling affiliate products and other junk -- unless that's what they signed up for.

Email them consistently once or twice a week with helpful information that also leads them to your website -- where they hopefully will become customers. 

3. Lower Your Marketing Expenses

Starting a Facebook business page costs you exactly $0.

We provide a graphic artist to design a profile picture and cover photo 


  • Getting rolling with a page

  • Ads to get your page

    • Likes

    • Boosting Posts

    • Running Sponsored Stories

Facebook ads are 1,000x more targeted when compared to traditional print, radio or TV ads

(The duration isn't accurate, stopped the ad on January 1).

More than 1,400 Likes and only spent $34!

That's 2 cents per Like!

Can every page find new Likes for 2 cents each?

No, but by targeting your ads to people interested in your page's topic, you can definitely keep costs low.
4. Reach a Targeted Audience

Targeting Audience on Facebook is essential to Generating a respectable ROI in your marketing. This is where we step into to fine tune and tweak your ads based on your organization's goals.

Just because there are 1.19 billion Facebook users, it doesn't mean they all want to like your page.

In fact, if all of them like the page it isn’t a measurement of success as only a small percentage will actually engage with the posts.


If you're a local business, direct your ads to target customers within a radius.


With Facebook ads, it’s hard to be certain if you’ve targeted the correct consumer base. That’s where we provide you the greatest advantage over your competitors to secure the market and increase your brand recognition.  

5. Use Facebook Insights

Digging through stats.

  1. How many page likes I have

  2. The Reach of my posts & page

  3. Engagement of the page

  4. Post-Performance

  5. Demographics of your fans, etc.

6. Build Brand Loyalty

Besides building a customer base and selling products, we do wonders for helping you build brand loyalty.

What exactly does that mean?

 Well, if you consistently provide valuable and entertaining content, your followers will stay loyal -- even when you make mistakes.


These days, people look online to find businesses to buy from and they predominately search social media.


If your followers see you being active & responsive, they're much more likely to do business with you than a company with no Facebook presence or a poorly run page.


From our Client;


“I operate a Real Estate Investment company and a client told me this; I decided to rent from you because I'm on Facebook more than anything else & I see your page consistently posting about the business & being responsive. Plus you have pictures of your units for me to look at before renting. And I can do it all from my phone!
I only started the Facebook page for the company a few months ago, but I already have brand loyalty above and beyond my competitors. Those businesses have been working in my area for more than a decade! They aren't active on Facebook. I was able to get the advantage over them by working with Sound Marketing”

7. Increase Your Web Traffic

Smart Facebook page owners use their pages to drive traffic to their websites.

If all you're doing on Facebook is getting engagement on your posts, then you're really just an entertainer

Links to your website is an essential part of any Facebook content strategy.


Bottom line -- having a Facebook page will greatly increase your web traffic if you use the right posting strategies.

8. Boost SEO


9. Be Mobile Ready


 As this trend grows -- it becomes more and more important for your business to have a presence on Facebook.

The vast majority of Facebook users are accessing the site via their mobile devices -- many of them only with a mobile device.

10. Your Competition!

No company wants a competitor beating them in Likes! 

Are you convinced?

Hopefully these 10 benefits have convinced you that having a Facebook business page is an absolute no-brainer.

We personally can't imagine running a business and NOT having a Facebook page.

For those of you who already have pages

We provide you with a consultation to improve your lead generation and online appearance with a RESULT GUARANTEED SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY