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Information Technology

Front-end Development

The front-ends are the introductions of your apps and business. So we make sure that your story is strong and captivating enough to make your user want to connect with your business again and again. And give you the most immersive, easy navigating front-ends which we aesthetically embellish with graphics, themes, UI/UX designs, images, and cutting-edge AR/VR. With them, your business is sure to get increased customer loyalty and high ROI for their seamless user experience.

  • Hire AngularJS Developers
  • Hire ReactJS Developers
  • Hire Vue.js Developers
  • Hire GatsbyJS Developers
  • Hire Next.js Developers
Front-end Development

Back-end Development

The back-end of any digital product is the spine of the structure that has to be super strong. And that is exactly what you will get at Sound Marketing. For we use the best of the back-end techs to architect robust, sturdy, flexible, and feature-full back-ends for your apps and software solutions. Notably, these adaptive apps are excellent in performance, scale easily as needed, and are utterly growth-oriented for your business needs.

  • Hire Node.js Developers
  • Hire Python Developers
  • Hire .Net Developers
  • Hire Laravel Developers
  • Hire Ruby on Rails Developers
  • Hire Golang Developers
Back-end Development

Mobile App Development

Sound Marketing is a reliable Mobile app development company delivering quality apps to various businesses from Enterprises to Startups. Significantly, these B2B, B2C, or B2E mobile apps are high-performing, impactful, & business-driven. Moreover, our Mobile Application Development Services utilize modern techs to build you innovative, next-gen Android app development, iOS app development, Native apps development, Hybrid Apps, & cross-platform apps development.

  • Hire Android App Developers
  • Hire iOS App Developers
  • Hire React Native Developers
  • Hire Flutter Developers
  • Hire Kotlin App Developers 
Mobile App Development

Blockchain Development

Blockchain is the new face of digital transactions in the modern world. Being a highly immutable, distributed technology, it gives utmost security to its users. Having mastered cryptography, we can expertly land your business successfully on this decentralized platform. Along with that, we can make you a variety of Blockchain items like smart contracts, Cryptocurrency, DeFi, NFT marketplaces, and anything that you can imagine. So deal with your users transparently, securely, and exclusively with our custom Blockchain development.

  • Smart Contracts Creation
  • Dapps Development
  • Blockchain Development
  • ICO Development
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • DeFi Development
  • NFT Development
Blockchain Development

Emerging Tech

With the influence of the advancing world has emerged new technologies that are pushing the boundaries of possibilities. Scientific, & modern high-techs like Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, the Internet of Things, Blockchain, and Decentralized systems have forced us to reimagine the software development. Keeping abreast, we include all of these into our process that takes your final product to a top-notch level.

  • Blockchain Development
  • IOT App Development
  • AI/ML Development
  • AR/VR Development
  • DevOps Consulting
Emerging Tech

eCommerce Development

Sound Marketing is a one-stop solution to all your technical requirements. And so, we come up with many innovative IT solutions that help you simplify, streamline & speed up your various business operations. Notably, we specialize in customizing Content Management Systems(CMS) to structure & analyze your data for making better decisions. While we also offer comprehensive eCommerce development with detailed e-stores that flaunt your products for better connectivity. Using the latest tools, and techniques like IoT, AI, AR/VR, & ML, we make you futuristic solutions.

  • WooCommerce Development
  • BigCommerce Development
  • WordPress Development
  • Shopify Development
eCommerce Development

UI/UX Design

We carefully select ideas, tools, and experts to design captivating, memorable user experiences that attract a vast user base for your business. Our brilliantly experienced UI/UX designers heavily utilize cutting-edge technologies, our state-of-the-art infrastructure, and resources for ultra-modern digital products. And create user-friendly front-ends, fluid, sleek, and eye-catching UIs designs, and interactive dashboards by strategizing high UXs that give a distinct image to your brand identity.

  • Interface Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Icon, Logo, Illustrations
  • Prototyping
  • Animations
UI/UX Design

Testing & QA

Launching an app in the market without checking its performance would only lead to a disaster. But when it is our product, you can be assured that it never reaches your audience without thorough testing and QA for its performance. Following a strict approach to making each product pass through detailed testing, troubleshooting, removing bottlenecks, and perceived errors, and even enhancing its features. So partner with us to get an error-free, impeccable final product for your business use.

  • Automated Testing
  • Manual Testing
  • Localization Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Test Documentation
Testing & QA

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Information Technology

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