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Linkedin Article Posting

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A LinkedIn article provides members with the opportunity to publish articles about their expertise and interests. When you publish an article, it becomes part of your professional profile. It can be displayed under the articles section of your profile. When you publish an article or Linkedin, that does not, unfortunately, make you a Linkedin Influencer. On a more positive note, publishing articles allow you to express yourself and get your thoughts out to the world where you can share your experiences.  One of the best things about LinkedIn articles is that they attract plenty of attention as all of your followers get notified as soon as you post. Also, members that aren't in your network can follow you from your article, so that the next article you post will pop up in their timeline.

Sound Marketing, will establish a presence in your profile that is truly unmatched and unique to you. We find the most effective methods to suit up your profile to establish a presence in your network. 

Today, a network is your net-worth.