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Poximity Based Marketing

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Do you need an effective way to communicate offers and discounts directly to the customer in an easy and cost-effective way? Hi Bluetooth is the best possible and advanced method available in the market. Reach thousands of people every day with our Hi Bluetooth device by broadcasting your information and direct URL to your website or pages. Beacons are the most widely used and effective proximity based marketing device in the retail industry currently. Stay current – reach out to get yours today.

Retail Proximity marketing helps in targeting potential customers with contextually relevant mobile ads. It triggers more in-store purchases than any other marketing tool can do and also encourages customers to interact with your brand online. Hi Bluetooth marketing devices identify the mobile devices within a 150 meter proximity area. Sensors detect the customer’s location and share it with the integrated database enabling the retailer to send enticing highly contextual, tailored and personalized messages. This highly engaging content and personalized offers prompt customers to arrive at a purchasing decision swiftly leading to higher sales figures.

Hi Bluetooth beacons are small, battery-operated wireless devices that transmit Bluetooth signals to nearby smartphones*. In the context of retail, beacons reach out to customers whose Bluetooth is enabled. 
For retailers who haven’t yet deployed beacon marketing programs, it should be a top priority.